About Us

Chawla Auto Spares is an Indian company that specialises in the manufacture and sale of Royal Enfield and other motorcycle accessories and parts. We are one of India's first to sell and distribute Royal Enfield and other motorcycle accessories and parts. By offering high-quality items, timely delivery, and dedicated customer service over the last five decades, we have gained an exceptional reputation and goodwill from consumers.
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Our Mission

Whether it's a little order or a huge cargo, we treat them all the same and provide them the same attention and care. Our customers are pleased, satisfied, and loyal. Repeat orders from established clients account for a major amount of our revenue. Mr. Mukesh Chawla, our CEO, is a mechanical engineer who who enjoys riding motorcycles. He has a lot of expertise in this field.

    • Higher quality guarantee than any other brand
    • Royal erado is a recognised trade mark, no copy or chinese versions are accessible on the market.
    • Tubeless tyres may be fitted on any wheel.
    • Both tube and tubeless tyres are compatible with ROYAL ERADO wheels.
    • There are no alignment difficulties because all of our alloys are machine aligned and tested.
    • All wheels are machined cast in pure aluminium, not sand casted like other manufacturers.